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7 Best Sleeping Bags Of 2018 For Camping

If you have spent the night in the wild being too cold, unable to sleep, trembling uncontrollably, and desperately waiting for the sun to rise, then you fully understand the importance of a high-quality sleeping bag. If you don’t, good! Let’s keep it that way.

A suitable sleeping bag is one of the most important options for any backpacking trip. It is essential for warmth, comfort, safety and helping your body get the rest it needs. Your sleeping bag will also be the four heaviest items in your bag (shelter, sleeping bags, sleeping mats, and backpacks), so it’s a great place to save weight as well.

When you are looking for a perfect balance, in warm, weight, comfortable and functional bags, you will soon find that there are many options. That’s why we created this guide to share the best sleeping bags and quilts on the market.

Best Sleeping Bags

1. REI Co-op Magma 10°

EN Comfort Rating: 22°F

Weight: 1lb 14oz

Chosen For: Lightweight Value & Warmth

rei magma square

REI’s Magma 10 (and Magma 17 for women) has a combination of weight, warmth, and cost that few other sleeping bags can match. The Magma gets it right where it matters the most – quality materials, a solid warmth-to-weight ratio, comfort against the skin, no-snag zipper, and a well-shaped foot box and hood. The Magma’s combination of quality and cost make it one of the best value sleeping bags we’ve tested, hands down. The Magma isn’t the highest quality sleeping bag on this list (Western Mountaineering and Feathered Friends still get that nod), but we’ve been pleasantly surprised by its performance. The Magma will likely be a bit overkill on warm summer adventures (we like quilts for those trips), but if you’re looking for one sleeping bag that can do it all at a very fair price, the Magma is an excellent choice.

The Magma is our top pick for all-around sleeping bag value.

2. Western Mountaineering UltraLite 20°

EN Comfort Rating: 25°F

Weight: 1lb 13oz

Chosen For: Lightweight Quality & Warmth
western mountaineering ultralite square

Western Mountaineering makes some of the highest quality, lightest, and warmest sleeping bags we’ve ever tested. The UltraLite is one of their most popular designs and in our opinion, it’s the highest quality sleeping bag on this list. Every detail on this bag is dialed in – exceptional materials, awesome no-snag zipper, draft collar with cinch cord, well-shaped foot box and hood, differential cut fabric, continuous baffles, full-length draft tube – you name it, the UltraLight has it, and the end result truly shines. The biggest downside with WM bags is their sizable price tag, but they can also last for decades if treated well, so for many hardcore adventurers, the investment is well worth it. Western Mountaineering’s Alpinlite (a wider version of the UltraLite) and Versalite (a slightly wider and warmer version of the UltraLite) are also both excellent choices.

The UltraLite is our top pick for the highest quality sleeping bag.

3. Enlightened Equipment Revelation Quilt 10°

EN Comfort Rating: N/A

Weight: 1lb 6oz

Chosen For: Ultralight Versatility, Value, & Warm Weather Comfort

Enlightened Equipment Revelation Quilt 10°

The Enlightened Equipment Revelation quilt has a combination of weight, versatility, and affordability that make it an exceptional choice for ultralight backpacking. The Revelation can be left open like a blanket on warm nights or cinched up tight when the temperature drops. If you dislike feeling constricted in tight-fitting mummy bags, you’ll love the freedom of the Revelation. All quilts tend to be a bit draftier than mummy bags (read “quilts vs mummy bags” section above), so we usually don’t pack them if temps are going to be around freezing or below. Enlightened Equipment quilts are made to order (some lead time required) and come in a variety of temps, lengths, widths, and colors. For 3-season use, we prefer the 10°F and 20°F models. We find the 10°F model keeps us warm to right around freezing (32°F) or just below, so make sure to factor that in when choosing a temp rating. We also bump up one size in length and width for full coverage on chilly nights.

The Revelation is our top pick for ultralight quilt value.

4. Feathered Friends Egret UL 20°

Feathered Friends Egret UL 20°

EN Comfort Rating: N/A

Weight: 1lb 12oz

Chosen For: Lightweight Quality & Warmth

The women’s-specific Egret UL 20 is our top sleeping bag choice for women (their unisex Swallow UL 20 is a great fit for men too). The Egret is very light, feels soft against the skin, and is filled with high-quality, responsibly-sourced 950+ goose down. As a women’s bag, it’s tailored to the female form, has more space in the chest and hips, and has a warmer footbox and torso. Feathered Friends doesn’t list EN temperature ratings, but we’ve found their ratings to be more conservative than most of the competition. The Egret is Feathered Friends most popular women’s bag and we fully understand why. Like most FF bags, the Egret also comes in a slightly heavier yet more affordable Nano version. The Hummingbird UL 20 is a popular FF unisex bag with a slim fit and the Swift UL 20 has the roomiest cut of their 20° bags. All are solid options.

The Egret is our top pick for women’s sleeping bags.

5. Katabatic Flex Quilt 22°

EN Comfort Rating: N/A

Weight: 1lb 7oz

Chosen For: Ultralight Versatility, Quality, & Warm Weather Comfort

Katabatic Flex 22 Quilt

The Katabatic Flex 22 Quilt is similar in design to the EE Revelation (it can open completely like a blanket or zip up the foot box for warmth), but we think it’s quality is a bit higher. We love the versatility, warmth, comfort, and weight savings of the Flex 22, and we’ve been impressed with its performance on the trail. The continuous baffles on the Flex allow us to shift down around inside the bag, so we can make sure it’s where we need it most (on chilly nights we shift the down so it will be centered over our bodies). We think the Flex 22 is a great choice for comfort and warmth on backpacking trips where nighttime temps won’t dip below freezing. Katabatic’s Flex quilt comes in several different temperature rating models. The 22°F is our top pick for men and the 15°F is our top pick for women. If warmth-to-weight is your most important consideration, Katabatic’s closed footbox Elite quilts might be a good fit.

The Flex is our top pick for ultralight quilt quality.

6. NEMO Disco 15°

EN Comfort Rating: N/A

Weight: 2lb 11oz

Chosen For: Roomy Comfort & Value

Quality Sleeping Bags 2018

The NEMO Disco 15 (and women’s Rave 15) has a unique spoon shape that makes it much roomier than the typical mummy bag. If you tend to shift around throughout the night and dislike like tight fitting mummy bags, the Disco is an excellent option. This bag also has two “thermo gills” that help vent heat on warm nights, as well as a bunch of other convenient features. The biggest downside with roomy bags like the Disco is they’re less heat efficient (your body has to warm the extra space, so they tend to be colder). For backpacking, we prefer the warmth-to-weight ratios of quilts and mummy bags, but the spoon shape of the Disco is very comfortable. If you’re willing to accept a slightly heavier, bulkier, and less heat efficient bag for a significant upgrade in roominess, the NEMO Disco is your jam. NEMO also makes this bag in a slightly lighter and more compressible Riff 15 model (women’s Jam 15).

The Disco is our top pick for roomy comfort in sleeping bags.

7. Kelty Cosmic Down 20°

EN Comfort Rating: 30°F

Weight: 2lb 13oz

Chosen For: Solid Budget Buy

Portable Sleeping Bags

The Kelty Cosmic Down 20 is a great budget buy for beginners, campers, and those that aren’t as concerned with weight and bulk. Keep in mind, you get what you pay for, so don’t expect the same quality out of the Cosmic as the other bags on this list. That said, the Cosmic is functional and comfortable enough to get the job done at a very reasonable price. This is the heaviest and bulkiest bag on our list, so if you plan to backpack a lot over the years, we recommend investing in one of our other high quality recommendations. But when cost and functionality are the most important considerations, the Kelty Cosmic Down is tough to beat.

The Cosmic is our top pick for budget buy sleeping bags.

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